Visitors are welcomed

Visitors are welcomed

The doors of the Central waste water treatment plant of the City of Zagreb are open for all visitors from Monday to Friday. If you want to get to know more about the plant and the way it functions, you will get an expert guide who will show you around.

We will answer all your questions relating to the waste water treatment process in Zagreb and try to be the best hosts we can be. Throughout the years,  elementary and high-school pupils have shown a great interest in our plant and technology of waste water treatment. Their biology or nature and society teachers frequently replace theoretical lectures with practical lessons in our facility. We are also often visited by students whose future callings are ecology, chemical engineering, agronomics and mining, as well as by future scientists from other faculties whose education involves waste water technology and related courses.

It is especially lively at the plant when we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, when Zagreb waste water treatment plant is every year visited by approximately 500 children from schools all over Zagreb.

Businessmen and numerous diplomats from around the world also demonstrate great interest, since they are familiar with our plant as a model waste water treatment plant which is operating excellently both in the technical and management sense.


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