Earth Day, opportunity for reflection and creativity


Although our event to mark the greatest Earth Day in the Republic of Croatia was not held this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, which used to gather as many as a thousand children from all the Zagreb schools at the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant,  we did not forget about our practice of drawing and writing on the topic of the Earth Day and the competition for the best work.

Namely, we decided to mark the Earth Day and the nature preservation day modestly, but with a lot of love and deliberation, as is fit for this quarantine situation. On this Day filled with compassion for everything nature gives us, which we, as the mankind, sometimes take away from it by reckless actions, the smile was brought back to our faces by the works of our youngest. Exceptionally this year, we decided to prepare a small web exhibition and competition of the works of our employees' children. It is a small contribution to this Day, but a big one for our hearts, that were brimming full of emotion when we saw that our children also gladly responded to this idea, and in the quarantine too, which is not tolerated by all with the same ease.

While children are happy that their parents spend more time with them in these moments, they are well aware that this is not a natural condition, so that creativity in drawing, writing is only one of the forms with which you can entertain your children at this time, and let them express themselves in the most creative way possible.

If this small exhibition inspired you to have your children draw something for the Earth Day too, which the world celebrates as a Jubilee this year, for the fiftieth year in a row, feel free to send us the works of your youngest to the address: Zagrebačke otpadne vode, Čulinečka 287, 10 000 Zagreb or to the email, ZA DAN PLANETA ZEMLJE (FOR EARTH DAY), and, after the pandemic, all of them will be exhibited in our premises until the next year, when we hope to hold another common event at our treatment plant, which is always filled with children's laughter and voices.

May you stay healthy and cheerful, and preserve your environment!